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27/03/2014 A Football First

Posted by Pink Panther at 14:56
Mar 272014

Love Juventus Choreography

The world’s FIRST SOCIAL DRIVEN CHOREOGRAPHY belongs to leading football club Juventus. Through its innoviative initiative, Juventus gave its numerous fans the chance to get … Read More

05/03/2014 Dare To Call It Fake Again?

Posted by Pink Panther at 12:10
Mar 052014

Jeff Gordon
Last year Pepsi MAX teamed up with professional NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon to pull a prank on an unsuspecting car salesman, taking him through the … Read More

Nov 072013

Every year around Christmas time, all of Britain (and some of us ad-addicts around the world) holds its breath for the new Marks & Spencer … Read More

Nov 052013

coca cola small world machines
Last spring Coca Cola’s “Small World Machines” campaign aimed to bring some connection between two countries at war with each other: India & Pakistan. Part … Read More

01/08/2013 Volvo Launch Event

Posted by Funky Business at 13:16
Aug 012013

Funky Business was commissioned by the Volvo Trucks company to launch the new FH Truck through a series of events in some of the most … Read More

13/06/2013 Carlsberg experiments - cool!

Posted by Pink Panther at 17:08
Jun 132013

148 boys

Unsuspecting couples walked into a 150-seat movie theater filled with 148 badass bikers and discovered that the only two empty seats were just in the … Read More

15/03/2013 Nice "chills" from Carlsberg

Posted by Pink Panther at 22:29
Mar 152013

Did you ever question the level of loyalty and reliability of your best friends?

In a truly urgent and dangerous situation, are you sure they’ll … Read More

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