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A man to carry on a successful business must have imagination. He must see things in a vision, a dream of the whole thing.

Some movies need subtitles, but need no spoken words. It is the case of these 4 compelling short movies that tell similar stories playing on … Read More

23/02/2011 125 Years of Innovation

Posted by Funky Business at 19:27
Feb 232011

This cool ad series follows shortly after the 125 years anniversary of the inventors of the automobile brand Mercedes-Benz. On 29 January 1886, Carl Benz … Read More

18/02/2011 Doodle Art

Posted by Funky Business at 17:39
Feb 182011

There’s this brand that has kept its clean homepage unaltered for years, but redesigned its logo whenever felt like celebrating a holiday. And only last … Read More

16/02/2011 IKEA Cats *Happy Inside*

Posted by Funky Business at 13:58
Feb 162011

Brilliant idea and staging of a touching experiment. Not to mention the inborn talent of the 100 characters… Talking about brands trying to put themselves … Read More

09/02/2011 Sony World Photography Awards

Posted by Funky Business at 15:06
Feb 092011

This group of children was having a blast splashing about in the waterfall. With their melodious laughter permeating the air, even I Read More

04/02/2011 Brands Activating the Future

Posted by Funky Business at 16:45
Feb 042011

The great things brands do these days to get the spotlight are so thought-provoking that worth all the attention they get. For instance, here’s how … Read More

03/02/2011 State of the Art Google

Posted by Funky Business at 17:52
Feb 032011

Google recently launched an art gallery platform that takes virtual navigation to a whole new level of delight. The reason? It’s a digital wonder that … Read More

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