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28/01/2011 Best Animated Shorts Are In!

Posted by Funky Business at 14:28
Jan 282011

You already know by now that we love short animated movies. That’s why we were excited to see some previews of the 5 nominees for … Read More

27/01/2011 Interview with the President

Posted by Funky Business at 16:59
Jan 272011

The man who leveraged social media like no other presidential candidate prepares for an exclusive interview with the American people… on YouTube. Close to 140,000 … Read More

21/01/2011 We Choose The Moon

Posted by Funky Business at 18:56
Jan 212011

For all the dreamers out there fantasizing about traveling to the moon and back, is a vision brought to life. The site is an … Read More

19/01/2011 Wikipedia Is Ten!

Posted by Funky Business at 15:47
Jan 192011

Remember the first time you learned a valuable piece of information from Wikipedia? It may not have been exactly a decade ago, but sometime in … Read More

14/01/2011 The Colors of Music

Posted by Funky Business at 13:35
Jan 142011

Have you imagined how colors would look like if they could dance? It’s what the creatives from Dentsu London had in mind when they transposed … Read More

12/01/2011 The Chase of Innovation

Posted by Funky Business at 12:30
Jan 122011

So what does it take for a video ad to become viral these days? In this case, innovation is the driving force that’s taken it … Read More

06/01/2011 Make Your Own HBO

Posted by Funky Business at 16:16
Jan 062011

Ever dreamed about starring in your favorite HBO series? Say True Blood? Well, now’s your chance! Just be sure to have your camera and microphone … Read More

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