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22/12/2012 science and fun

Posted by Pink Panther at 17:49
Dec 222012

Science becomes fun with Bobby McFerrin, whom you might remember from the hit song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, demonstrating the power of the pentatonic scale…Cool … Read More

08/08/2012 How rational are we?

Posted by Funky Business at 09:26
Aug 082012

We think Dan Ariely, behavioral economist, author of ‘Predictably Irrational’, is really funny. Here about how deeply ‘conscious & rational’ we are. Aside the joke … Read More

22/07/2012 Justice cool video

Posted by Pink Panther at 14:05
Jul 222012

this videoclip of Justice -a French electronic music duo made of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay- for their new song “New Lands” is a … Read More

19/04/2012 beauty, courage & expertise

Posted by Pink Panther at 19:26
Apr 192012

that’s our field at its best… Brain Farm showreel 2012

“We were founded on the passion to test the limits of high definition motion picture … Read More

19/04/2012 Courageous production

Posted by Pink Panther at 18:49
Apr 192012

For the HTC’s One X mobile phone commercial.

0.8 seconds- quite a short time to take the ‘perfect picture’… but that’s what the 20 year … Read More


Posted by Pink Panther at 17:21
Apr 052012

It takes a lot of takes to realize a good promo like this one and obviously an inspiring product.
The FitftyThree creators made it ‘for … Read More

Mar 042012

To illustrate its open approach to journalism, The Guardian imagines how the story of the Three Little Pigs might be covered nowadays, throughout print and … Read More

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