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15/11/2011 Nescafé: A Hypnotic Commercial

Posted by Funky Business at 00:30
Nov 152011

It’s that great feeling you get when seeing a splendid ad: the intriguing opening scene, the growing anticipation and the shiver of being provoked … Read More

08/11/2011 The Kinect Effect: Innovation

Posted by Funky Business at 01:27
Nov 082011

Kinect, the movement detector for Xbox, was built to to revolutionize the way people play games and how they experience entertainment. But along the way, … Read More

Nov 022011

The world population just reached 7 billion. To know how to react to the ongoing, more and more rapid changes happening globally, we need to … Read More

27/10/2011 The Pop-Up Museum of Fragrance

Posted by Funky Business at 01:26
Oct 272011

Imagine a place where smell, taste, touch, sight and sound become one complete gesture. A 4-D sensorial environment dedicated to the magic and mystery of Read More

Oct 242011

This is the first digital launch of a vehicle in Chevrolet’s 100 year history. Chevrolet literally “launched” its newest small car, the Sonic – by … Read More

23/10/2011 Imagination Powered Video Ad

Posted by Funky Business at 17:59
Oct 232011

How many praying mantises does it take to power a smartphone? Well… when curiosity pushes you to the edge, you have to find the answer … Read More

16/10/2011 A Mesmerizing Promotion Technique

Posted by Funky Business at 19:08
Oct 162011

Have you ever seen a “technoillusionist” performance? No? Then it’s high time you saw how well magic blends with technological artistry and how innovative this … Read More

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