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Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.

01/04/2011 Concert Milk / The Taste of Music

Posted by Funky Business at 17:58
Apr 012011

Got an unconventional idea to make classical music attractive to new kinds of audiences? Try beating this one: a special line of milk produced by … Read More

26/03/2011 This Earth Hour, Go Beyond the Hour

Posted by Funky Business at 19:45
Mar 262011

Here’s what you’ve been missing in case you haven’t yet come across the many videos promoting this year’s Earth Hour. It’s refreshing and optimistic to … Read More

23/03/2011 Enjoy the Ride

Posted by Funky Business at 13:20
Mar 232011

It’s not by chance that this video takes 3 minutes of your time. What you get for the seconds spent watching it is a completely … Read More

20/03/2011 Art of the Title

Posted by Funky Business at 17:33
Mar 202011

In some way, title sequences are for the savvy movie goers what trailers are for the general audience. That is, a lasting first impression that … Read More

12/03/2011 IKEA Art of Cooking

Posted by Funky Business at 15:23
Mar 122011

Not long after the release of their visually stunning ‘Homemade Is Best’ cookbook, IKEA partners again with Carl Kleiner to produce this amazing series of … Read More

08/03/2011 Join Me on the Bridge on March 8

Posted by Funky Business at 16:23
Mar 082011

What started 100 years ago as a political event called the International Working Women’s Day is today the greatest global celebration of feminine spirit. And, … Read More

04/03/2011 TED - Ads Worth Spreading

Posted by Funky Business at 19:38
Mar 042011

It’ the idea behind the ad that makes it worth spreading. And no one knows this better than TED, who took its ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ … Read More

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