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13/12/2010 Irresistible Animated Short Films

Posted by Funky Business at 21:11
Dec 132010

There’s something about animated short films that makes them simply adorable and leaves you wanting for more. These are some of our favorites. Here‘s … Read More

09/12/2010 Greatest Movie Taglines by AdWeek

Posted by Funky Business at 20:33
Dec 092010

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind”. There’s no better way to put this than how Rudyard Kipling did. But there … Read More

Dec 082010

Remember when gifts were not online gifts, shopping was not online shopping and friends were not Facebook friends?… Well, now’s not the time to be … Read More

03/12/2010 Choose Not To Fall

Posted by Funky Business at 16:04
Dec 032010

Inspiration doesn’t need much of an introduction, it just lies in the few suspended moments of contemplation upon its realization. This short film by Matthew … Read More

How often do you take some time to disconnect and just play? And when was the last time you came across … Read More

25/11/2010 What are you thankful for today?

Posted by Funky Business at 12:35
Nov 252010

It’s Thanksgiving, the time to give thanks for a bountiful harvest! 🙂 And while the harvest hasn’t been that great this year, Americans are turning … Read More

Nov 222010

Not all social media is good value for the time spent there, but this one’s truly great. Especially if you’re a book lover. And like … Read More

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