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Delightful staging of a video so viral that’s got close to 1,5 million views on Youtube in just 10 days. Besides a great protagonist, the … Read More

Nov 092010

Ready to compare your view of the internet with the one of a 10-year-old? That is, indirectly compare your vision as a creative with the … Read More

At first glance, you’d think this is no more than a hip music video by a not so famous band. If you’re not into music, … Read More

Sep 192010

Imagine this: you’re a client and take your brief to a creative agency, only to discover that the professionals working for you are… 7 to … Read More

10/09/2010 Top 10 virals by

Posted by Funky Business at 10:06
Sep 102010

Virals are such an inspiring mix of marketing ideas and video production techniques that we just can’t resist them. That’s why we keep an eye … Read More

05/08/2010 Trend of the month

Posted by Funky Business at 10:07
Aug 052010

According to, one of the world’s leading consumer trends firm, this month is all about INNOVATION, the spark of genius that we so … Read More

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