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30/05/2011 What Will You Inspire?

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May 302011

A Canon camera may be fully equipped to capture great photographs, but there’s still an option that cannot be incorporated into the device: imagination. In other words, “imagination is in the eyes of the camera holder”, and it is what matters most these days.

That’s why Canon partnered with Oscar winning director Ron Howard, who will select 8 most imaginative photos submitted by photographers from all over the world under the Project Imagin8tion photo contest – the first user-generated contest to inspire a Hollywood short movie.

It’s quite amazing how the brand sets the focus on their more passionate users in order to co-create with them. And what’s even more notable is their ability to capitalize on this – Ron Howard:  I’m known as a narrative storyteller, so when Canon approached me to partner on the ‘Long Live Imagination’ campaign, I was moved by the opportunity to collaborate with the masses, tapping into consumers’ creativity and using their photos as building blocks to produce a film… I hope the project stimulates people’s imaginations whether they are an amateur photographer, a world traveler or a proud parent, and I hope what we create is meaningful.

The teaser:
YouTube Preview Image

There are 3 days left to submit photographs for the first 4 movie themes: setting, time, character and mood. Competition for the next four themes – relationship, goal, obstacle and the unknown – will be opened afterwards.

The even more inspiring behind-the-scenes:
YouTube Preview Image

Very much looking forward to see the end result…

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