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At first glance, you’d think this is no more than a hip music video by a not so famous band. If you’re not into music, you might not even take the time to see the whole thing through – but take a closer look, ‘cause there’s more than meets the eye & the ear with this video. While you watch it, roll over the different objects in the kitchen and see what happens.

YouTube Preview Image

Indeed, you can actually click on items to discover their price and perhaps read more about them… in the IKEA catalog. So the trick’s just that: although completely unbranded, the video is actually a subtle, interactive ad that enables the viewer to do a little online shopping while he’s at it. There’s a little something in the video even for those who kind of hate ads, not to say for the ones who happen to love smart, unconventional advertising.

On the one hand, it’s not at all invasive and it’s actually a pretty cool song – a cover for the 80’s hit “You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties” by Jona Lewie, performed by the UK upcoming duo Man Like Me. On the other hand, the video-ad-catalogue brings about this new form of getting through a branded content to a rather easy-to-seduce audience – just by cleverly integrating links on a Youtube video.

What’s next? Say the possibility to shop for the clothes, accessories or anything else shows up in a movie just by clicking on them while you’re watching it? Why not? 🙂

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