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05/03/2014 Dare To Call It Fake Again?

Posted by Pink Panther at 12:10
Mar 052014

Jeff Gordon
Last year Pepsi MAX teamed up with professional NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon to pull a prank on an unsuspecting car salesman, taking him through the crazyest, most terrifying test drive of his life.

Ultra famous Jeff was -of course- in disguise, thus creating the link to this project’s commercial message which is “A zero calorie Cola in disguise”. The video rapidly went viral, gaining up to 40 million views on youtube. Neverthess, despite the likes, shares and tons of comments of appreciation, there have been quite many people who deemed the action as FAKE. Staged. Orchestrated.

Travis Okulski, writer at was one of the most fervent backers of this theory, deeming the video a fake and making sure the whole world knew about his opinion. So Jeff and creatives at Pepsi decided to pull a “little” prank on Travis himself, making sure this time he feels the thrills of the ride in its true splendor and authenticity.

Disguised as an ex-con cab driver, Jeff picks up Travis and offers him the ride of his life while attempting to flee a police car.
Anyone else feel the need to shout this one was fake as well? 🙂

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