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Volvo Romania’s 10th anniversary – A memorable, unique, „goosebumps experience”

Volvo Romania 10 years

Challenge: Come up with a creative and unitary concept to address three major company stepping stones for 2013:

• the launch of the new Volvo FH truck,
• Volvo Romania’s 10th anniversary
• the innauguration of Volvo Trucks new headquarters.


Emotional and unique brand experience built around the „State Of The Art Efficiency” concept.
Through video mapping and live VJing, light design and SFX, we immersed the audience into a visually breathtaking world where art and technology mixed in perfect harmony.

Motivated by the new product outstanding benefits and world premiere improvements, we produced an inspirational, national premiere act to re-emphasize Volvo’s passion for innovation. Coming all the way from Zambia, for the first time on Romanian soil, our live-playing electric violin artist rocked the night in a thrilling aerial performace.


• A memorable, unique, „goosebumps experience” for all of our client’s 300+ guests.

„The brief we handed over to FB was challenging: the launch of the new Volvo FH series on the Romanian market, with its many new modern features, the opening of our biggest premises in the country, and the 10 years anniversary since the company was founded. The concept they came up with – ‘state of the art’ efficiency – proved to be the perfect answer to integrate all three. The result was a very complex event, a great atmosphere and a memorable evening for all our customers.”
( Marketing Manager, Volvo Trucks Romania)

„You have excedeed our expectations… Thank you!”
(Managing Director Volvo Trucks Romania).

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