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22/12/2012 science and fun

Posted by Pink Panther at 17:53
Dec 222012

Science becomes fun with Bobby McFerrin, whom you might remember from the hit song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, demonstrating the power of the pentatonic scale…Cool … Read More

08/08/2012 How rational are we?

Posted by Funky Business at 08:36
Aug 082012

We think Dan Ariely, behavioral economist, author of ‘Predictably Irrational’, is really funny. Here about how deeply ‘conscious & rational’ we are. Aside the joke … Read More

22/07/2012 Justice cool video

Posted by Pink Panther at 14:15
Jul 222012

this videoclip of Justice -a French electronic music duo made of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay-for their new song “New Lands” is a really … Read More

19/04/2012 beauty, courage & expertise

Posted by Pink Panther at 19:30
Apr 192012

that’s our field at its best… Brain Farm showreel 2012

“We were founded on the passion to test the limits of high definition motion picture … Read More

19/04/2012 Courageous production

Posted by Pink Panther at 18:52
Apr 192012

For the HTC’s One X mobile phone commercial.

0.8 seconds- quite a short time to take the ‘perfect picture’… but that’s what the 20 year … Read More

05/04/2012 Cool application -Paper FiftyThree

Posted by Pink Panther at 17:28
Apr 052012

It takes a lot of takes to realize a good promo like this one and obviously an inspiring product.
The FitftyThree creators made it ‘for
Read More
Mar 042012

To illustrate its open approach to journalism, The Guardian imagines how the story of the Three Little Pigs might be covered nowadays, throughout print and … Read More

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