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23/03/2011 Enjoy the Ride

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Mar 232011

It’s not by chance that this video takes 3 minutes of your time. What you get for the seconds spent watching it is a completely fresh perspective on road safety… The subtle and insightful idea behind this video commercial is that speeding behind the wheel reflects the fast pace of life.

Enjoy the Ride is a Road Safety Council of Western Australia initiative. As they put it, it’s about the rewards of slowing down, on the road and in everyday life. Because each moment is more fulfilling if we’re not racing to the next.

YouTube Preview Image

Think their approach achieves the goal of showing Western Australian drivers that there is a better alternative to speeding – on the road and in life? We do believe it works.

*Featured image by the Office of Road Safety, Government of Western Australia – used for information purposes only.

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  1. Jailyn says:

    ST3zLf Very true! Makes a cnhage to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

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