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Aug 222011

“Newcastle Brown Ale is all about breaking conventions. It’s a dark beer that’s surprisingly easy to drink. And this campaign is all about doing something that goes way beyond conventional advertising,” says Charles Van Es, Director for Newcastle Brown Ale.

Building on Newcastle Brown Ale’s tagline “Taste the Lighter Side of Dark,” two New York artists have created this innovative billboard as part of a branded public art campaign designed to get people talking, texting and posting about the brand. Newcastle Brown Ale’s Shadow Art has debuted in San Diego’s night life hub, the Gaslamp district, now through the end of September.

Here’s how the shadow sculpture was brought to life using only a single light source and thousands of real-life Newcastle Brown Ale bottle caps…
YouTube Preview Image

And there’s more to Newcastle’s unconventional marketing campaign Summer Spectaculars… The Executive Creative Director behind the project, John Vitro, sums up the campaign from a specialist’s perspective: We think the guys who drink Newcastle are a bit different. As a discovery brand, the consumers who order a Newcastle make a conscious choice to stand apart from the perceptions that most domestic beers thrive upon, so it was important for our out-of-home to reflect the sense people have when they try our ale… in other words “it’s not what you might have first thought.”

By getting people to engage and participate in the marketing we have the chance to express the wit, intelligence and wry smile that could only come from a British import like Newcastle.

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