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27/10/2011 The Pop-Up Museum of Fragrance

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Oct 272011

Imagine a place where smell, taste, touch, sight and sound become one complete gesture. A 4-D sensorial environment dedicated to the magic and mystery of scent… That’s how alluring it is to enter the first pop-up exhibit dedicated to scent. It is exactly what The Department of the 4th Dimension had envisioned for Sephora & fragrance manufacturer Firmenich. They then brought to life a mix of cinema, design and technology, where the sense of smell can bring image and sound to life.

YouTube Preview Image

The Sensorium features two showcase brand experiences: Life At First Scent and Lucid Dreams, designed as two parts to a whole. One room places the consumer in a perfumer’s first memory of fragrance – a summer at the beach, bacon and biscuits at the breakfast table – and surrounds him with scent, image and sound. Lucid Dreams presents a more intimate and personal multisensory experience where the images and sound literally transform live with the participant’s own individual sniff of the perfumer’s dream fragrance.

In a nutshell: state of the art experience design!

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