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Sep 192010

Imagine this: you’re a client and take your brief to a creative agency, only to discover that the professionals working for you are… 7 to 12 years old. Well, such an idea no longer seems that far-fetched, at least if we’re talking about social, “fight global problems” briefs and if the action takes place in Brazil. That’s where the mini agency “operates” – as part of a communication campaign sponsored by Yahoo!.

The ‘Little Kids, Big Ideas’ project promotes an international advertising award in its 4th edition. This year’s dedicated website hosts a reality show with 5 protagonists taking on the roles of customer service, planner, copywriter, creative director and art director. All this to design integrated campaigns based on briefings received from the website’s visitors. The web reality show was developed using 10 cameras hidden around the “office”. To select the creation team, the agency behind the project held group dynamics with over 100 kids to evaluate creativity, Creative enough? We think so!

Check out the first episode of the show:
YouTube Preview Image

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